Detecting at an old settler’s house Pt 2

We headed back out to the old farmhouse with the X-Terra’s for another day’s detecting to see what else had been missed. There were 2 old dumping spots near the ruins which we went over and in between the junk managed to extract some nice coins and old curios.

1867 penny
1867 Penny
1877 penny
1877 Penny
1921 Half Penny
1921 Australian Half Penny

Someone had put a nail through the half penny for whatever reason. The 1867 Penny was in nice condition for the age.

There was the customary pile of buckles, shoe heels and some vintage shotgun shells.

I managed to find an interesting style of brooch that appears to have gold gilding on it. Looks to be very simply made and is probably pre-1900’s.


We found 2 old buttons close together, one is a Fire Brigade S.A. button from an old uniform and the other I believe is a button from a British soldiers uniform. Both made by Stokes & sons circa 1900.

British Army Button
settlers house 010
Fire Brigade S.A.

From the same area we also pulled up an Australia shoulder title and part of an American military badge which I’m still to identify.

Australia title
Australia shoulder title
american military badge
American military badge?

Down on the banks of a creek I turned up this vintage mickey mouse brooch, it has seen better days.


A few silver-plated spoons, some sort of pin and an old lid with Chinese writing.

And finally here is the gold ring we found on the first trip after a clean.

gold ring
Gold ring

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